What do we do

Our Commitment to Nature

Uno di Un Milione supports sustainable tourism in Val di Sole and promotes awareness-raising initiatives about the environmental heritage of the area.

The project started with the creation of the symphonic piece inspired by the experiences along the water sources and its paths by the schools and aggregation centres of the Valley. The piece was then arranged in collaboration with the Orchestra and Chorus of White Voices of the Teatro alla Scala Academy in Milan.

Furthermore, the composition was divided into many small symphonies, each entrusted to an Uno di Un Milione bottle. The bottle with its App, was developed by Popack and allowed the unveiling of the notes of the symphonic piece. It also showed the owner, the geolocation of the sources, itineraries, popular destinations, and the exclusive contents about the valley.

For World Environment Day, the community of valley donated the first 2000 water bottles to all pupils of the schools of Val di Sole. On the 3rd of July 2021, the monumental sound sculpture was inaugurated on Mount Pejo 3000, – a unique place in the world where one can listen to the entire version of the symphonic piece as beautifully performed by the Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala Academy.

The dissemination of the project in the valley and the use of the App allows for a more aware use of mountainous tourism. With the paths guided by the water bottle, you can explore fountains, prepared itineraries and popular destinations that inspired the works of art created by the OP Collective along the waterways of the valley. For each experience traveled, a ‘Special Content’ will be unlocked using QR Codes.

Who Are We

Uno di Un Milione was born from the OP Collective, founded by artists Luca Lagash, Morgana Orsetta Ghini (MOG) and Alessandro Cremonesi, along with publisher and literary critic Thomas Böhm and Paolo Grigolli.

Join in too

Become part of a community united by a single symphony of which each has its own unique sound: ask for your bottle at a point of sale and help us protect the water sources of the Val di Sole.

Our Mision

Uno di Un Milione supports sustainable tourism in Val di Sole and promotes awareness-raising initiatives about its environmental heritage, with particular attention to its different water sources.

Events and Collaborations

Uno di Un Milione actively collaborates with the Val di Sole Tourist Board, the Trentino Region, Rai Radio Live and PPK Innovation. You can find the complete list of our wonderful partners on the partner page!

Protect Val di Sole and discover it in a sustainable way!