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Climate change can kill Val di Sole

But you can protect it.

A group of caring and courageous people are already fighting to protect and consciously live in Val di Sole.

Everyone can do something; no one is too small to make a difference.



  1. Go to a store in the valley and request the One Million water bottle
  2.  Scan the QRcode printed on the Water Bottle with your cell phone
  3. Enter the code contained in the box to activate your Water Bottle
  4. Once you’re in the app, you’ll be able to access all the fountains where you can fill your water bottle, walking routes in Val di Sole, and most importantly, you’ll be able to discover your own unique note
  5. Explore the territory of Val di Sole consciously thanks to the guides included in the App


  1. Mountains are fragile and beautiful ecosystems: tourism can sustain and destroy them at the same time
  2. The use of plastic bottles in the mountains has a devastating impact on the local biosphere
  3. In the app, you’ll find tips for routes and behaviors in the mountains to protect you, the animals, and the land
  4. By joining UNO DI UN MILIONE project, you promote mindful tourism and the protection of Val Di Sole’s water sources

Become A Part Of A Movement That Flows Through
Our Past And Our Present Just Like Our Water Sources



Technical Features

Capacity: 430 ml
Material: Double-walled stainless steel
Performance: Cold drinks up to 24 hours and hot drinks up to 12 hours
Sustainable: Bisphenol A and BPS free

Included In The Bottle

The technology to discover your note and participate in the unveiling of the song
The geolocation of the fountains, destinations and itineraries in Val di Sole
Access to exclusive contents

€ 25.00

Find Your Fountain And Personalise Your Itinerary

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