-Where can I find my bottle?

You can request for your bottle in one of the many points of sale in the Val di Sole area.

-How can I access the exclusive app?

When you buy the bottle you can simply: 1. Scan the QR code on the bottle, which will direct you to the unodiunmilione.it website. 2. Enter the code that you will find inside the package.

-Where can I listen to the complete piece created by the Orchestra and Chorus of White Voices of the Teatro alla Scala Academy Milan

You can listen to the complete song in two ways: 1. By accessing the App 2. Visiting the beautiful sculpture on top of Mount Pejo 3000

-How to contact you?

Through our various social media and by e-mail: unodiunmilione@gmail.com

-How do I help Val di Sole to preserve water sources?

By spreading word of the project in the valley, you help us to raise awareness among the local population and tourists about a sustainable use of the mountains.

-Who is behind the “Uno di un Milione” project?

Uno di un Milione is the artistic-environmental project created by the OP Collective for the protection of water sources in the Val di Sole. The OP Collective was founded by the artists Luca Lagash, Morgana Orsetta Ghini (MOG) and Alessandra Cremonesi, together with the publisher and literary critic Thomas Böhm and Paolo Grigolli, who have always been attentive to environmental issues. Uno di Un Milione supports sustainable tourism in Val di Sole and promotes awareness-raising initiatives about the environmental heritage of Val di Sole.

-I have already bought the bottle. What more can I do to help the Val di Sole area?

You can help us spread the message of sustainability and protection of Val di Sole by sharing your experiences with us on various social networks, respecting nature and the environment by avoiding the use of plastic and unnecessary waste. We recommend that you explore the Val di Sole by carefully following the directions on the App.